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MATLAB Department notes

Industrial engineering, management, computer,
Artificial Intelligence, Civil, Electrical,
Finance, Mathematics, Mechanical
And ...
Counseling and MS and PhD Theses
Pattern Recognition

All meta-heuristic algorithms (optimization), discrete, continuous and multi-objective

Machine Learning

Sound processing

Image processing Image processing


Fuzzy Logic

Data Mining Data Mining

Computer Simulation

The sequence and timing of operations

Supply Chain

Mathematical modeling

Vehicle Routing

Cellular manufacturing system

Project Timing


Production Planning

Select suppliers

Inventory Control

Multi Criteria Decision Making



Final phase interval



Notable students who want or thesis papers

Artificial intelligence, meta-heuristic algorithms and neural networks ... Use

For this group of students on a fashion model Nzrshvn project implementation and will be taught

Fraabtkary meta-heuristic optimization algorithm of evolutionary metaheuristics for student programming projects coded genetic algorithm    Genetic Algorithm GA content in the matlab matlab genetic programming Genetic Programming or    GP   Student projects programming coding algorithm or simulated annealing Simulated Annealing    SA   Read matlab matlab student projects in the programming or coding algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization Particle Swarm Optimization      PSO   In the matlab matlab Ant Colony Algorithm Algorithm Birds Lite   Differential Evolution Multi-objective Differential Evolution Algorithm birds or DE   Student projects programming code ant colony optimization algorithm ACO Ant Colony Optimization with MATLAB matlab content or ant colony optimization for continuous space or    ACOR   Evolutionary programming Evolutionary Programming or    EP   Evolution strategies Evolution Strategies or ES   Evolution strategy with covariance matrix adaptation or    Find a CMA prohibited Tabu Search or Article matlab with matlab student projects TS programming or coding algorithm Bees Bees Algorithm BA   Read matlab matlab student projects in the programming code of artificial bee colony algorithm, Artificial Bee Colony or ABC   Harmony Harmony Search or Advanced Search     HS   Biogeography-based optimization     BBO Biogeography Based Optimization Algorithms Culture Cultural Algorithm or     CA student project program coding or ICA algorithm competing colonial Imperialist Competitive Algorithm   In the story matlab matlab algorithm or Firefly Firefly Algorithm    FA   In the Bayesian Optimization Algorithm Bayesian optimization algorithm matlab matlab content or BOA   Hierarchical Bayesian optimization algorithm or hBOA   Artificial Immune Systems Artificial Immune System, or AIS   Artificial Immune Network Artificial Immune Network or AIN   Clonal Selection Algorithm replication selection algorithm or algorithms based CSA Memes Memetic Algorithms or MA Catalytic Catalytic Search Algorithm search algorithm estimation of distribution algorithms or EDA   Student projects programming or coding algorithm bat    Bat Algorithm   Frog Leap Frog Leaping Algorithm   Congestion Fish Artificial Artificial Fish Swarm or AFS projects Student Programming Coding Algorithm Particle Swarm Optimization multi-objective or MOPSO in the MATLAB matlab content optimization algorithm Bacteria (Bacterial Foraging Optimization) or BFO projects Student Programming coding algorithm genetic algorithm multi- objective of sorting non-recessive or multi objective optimization MOGA NSGA-II NRGA NSGA2 naga ii with matlab matlab entry projects Student Programming coding algorithm optimization Cuckoo COA Cuckoo optimization algorithm in the matlab matlab entry projects Student Programming Coding Gravitational search algorithm in the matlab matlab Gravitational search algorithm GSA Article

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Engineering Projects

Modeling and solving vehicle routing in cellular manufacturing system operation timing sequence of project supply chain reliability, inventory control, production planning, supplier selection
And ...

Engineering Projects

CodeVision, Simulink, Pspice, HFSS, AVR, PSCAD, DigSilent, SIMKAR, ORCAD

DiaLux, ModelSim, Quartus, CST, MATLAB

Types of projects with software ADS (Advance Design System) design and simulation of RF circuits and high frequency amplifier design and construction design and pseudo-pseudo-pseudo design and implementation of LNA Mixer VCO design and like all of the analog circuitry and      
And ...
Mechanical Engineering Projects


Mechanical engineering and software consulting projects:
And ...

Civil engineering projects

Civil engineering students conducted projects such as manual and computerized analysis and design, project, steel, concrete and loading calculations and preparation booklet outlining the details of construction software ETABS, AutoCad, Safe, Sap2000,   Excell

Solving complex problems (NP-Hard) Mtahyvrstyk using metaheuristics techniques such as: artificial neural networks (Artificial Neural Network, ANN), genetic algorithm (Genetic Algorithm, GA) colonial competitive algorithm (ICA, Imperialist Competitive Algorithm) algorithm, ant colony ( Ants Colony Optimization) algorithm bird community (PSO, Partial Swarm Optimization) simulated annealing (Simulated Annealing, SA) to solve multi-objective problems (Multi Objective) and MOICA NSGAII algorithms and coding for innovative algorithms and other algorithms Learn Initiative   Locating problems Facility (Facility Locations)    Supply Chain Management (Supply Chain Management SCM)    Hub Network Hub Network Design Problems    Timing issues (sequencing and scheduling problems)   Routing vehicles (Vehicle Routing Problem VRP)   Examples of projects carried out in the field of mathematical modeling: mathematical modeling of supply chain management, mathematical modeling, mathematical modeling supplier selection, production scheduling, inventory control, mathematical modeling, mathematical modeling and scheduling model for routing the mathematical modeling of the sequence Mathematical modeling portfolio examples of projects carried out in the context of optimization algorithms:   Linear optimization model is solved by optimization algorithms for nonlinear optimization model is solved by optimization algorithms to solve the scheduling problems using optimization algorithms to solve the routing issues by using optimization algorithms to solve problems locating Project scheduling problems using optimization algorithms to solve the optimization algorithms to solve problems in supply chain optimization algorithms to solve problems of reliability by means of optimization algorithms are examples of projects carried out in the field of Data Mining: A   Data mining and financial issues, marketing issues, data mining, data mining portfolio in all required fields are examples of projects carried out in the area forecast:   Forecasts and financial issues, marketing issues forecasts predict portfolio in all fields required Hay

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